A Letter From GOP’s Nat’l Congressional Committee

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I just received a letter addressed to “Dear Fellow American”
from the National Republican Congressional Committee. It reads as follows:

“We’ve never seen anything like this before in America.

“The Democrats have tried to use the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as a way to rig the election this November.

“Since seizing power, the Socialist Democrats have dragged the American people through the most partisan and least credible impeachment in American history.

“Now, the Democrats are trying to use the Chinese Coronavirus as a pathetic excuse to force their socialist agenda on the American people — and we must stop them from using a global pandemic to try to re-write state election laws.

“The NRCC Legal Fund ensures election integrity for all House races. It’s sole mission is to ensure every House Republican has a fair fight against the Do-Nothing Democrats.

“If we don’t act fast and unite behind President Trump’s plans to rebuild our economy and ensure for a fair election against the Socialist Democrats, the freedoms that you and I enjoy will be gone forever.”

The letter went on to say that’s why I was selected by the NRCC
to represent all of the voters in my Congressional District in the Official 2020 Critical National Issues Survey.

AND — the letter indicated that the answers I provide on this survey “will directly influence our efforts to end Liberal Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reign in the U.S. House . . . And make sure we have the critical resources we need to fight against voter fraud and the Socialist Revolution led by the radical left.”

The survey that was enclosed with letter asked my age group, employment, marital status and daily news sources in addition to questions concerning my approval of President Trump, the economy and jobs, foreign affairs, socialism in America, immigration and border security, constitutional questions and campaign strategy.

The survey also asked how much I would contribute to the NRCC Legal Fund and provided information on a number of credit cards, which must be personal and not corporate, that could be used.

At the end of the survey it asked for my address, occupation, employer, email and telephone number.

The survey indicated that by “providing your phone number, you are consenting to receive calls and texts, including autodialed
and automated calls and texts, to that number from the National Republican National Committee.”

I’ve never received so much crap in one envelope before. If I was not a Democrat I would certainly consider joining that party as an alternative to the obvious bashing and scare tactics used in that letter, i.e., the use of the words “radical” and “socialist” to describe Democrats and, if Trump should lose the presidential election, “the freedoms that you and I enjoy will be gone forever.”

And people believe that nonsense!

Beau Weisman, Editor