Hoping For The Best In A Divided Country


As I sit here pondering the state of our “union” I look back at the many trials and tribulations we’ve lived through over the years. That is what we do when faced with “new” situations that we’ve seen in the past —- and hoped we’d never see again!

I must admit I have never seen the likes of Donald Trump before, for which I am very happy, but we have to deal with this as we’ve dealt with other situations in the past — such as the presidency of Richard Nixon and the McCarthy hearings, to name just a couple. Both of those threatened to tear this nation apart, but we survived and, I’d like to think, we became stronger as a result.

I’m not so sure we will come out of this current situation so well. As best as I can tell, this country has never been so divided. A lot has to do with the “improvement” of communication as a result of television and the various channels that cater to people who buy into the political biases mouthed by the hosts and others who are “regular” guests on their programs.

As noted in past “Beau’s Corners,” I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind as to who or what party they favor, but what is happening now is literally tearing this country apart.

To the best of my recollection, this has happened in the past, but the level and extent of communication — literally 24 hours a day — has changed and what at one time was seen as a wonderful thing has now become a danger, especially in the hands of those who are concerned only with themselves and not with the well-being of this country.

As we progress through the election season, even the selection of our president and members of Congress is now in dispute.
I have never seen anything quite like this — and I hope I never
do again. The citizens of this country deserve better.

Beau Weisman, Editor