A Fitting Tribute to Paul A. Tanker

A Fitting Tribute to Paul A. Tanker

At this time when we look forward to a new year, we also remember those who have passed on — and their acts of kindness that will continue to provide comfort in the days ahead. 

Paul A. Tanker will be remembered for many things. His ability and leadership that made Tanker & Associates a leading pension and actuarial firm in the greater Philadelphia area for many years. And, long after he retired, his kindness was reflected in the annual get-together he would host at a restaurant for his former employees and associates to let them know they were still appreciated and not forgotten. 

Paul's dedication to the Moss Rehabilitation unit of the Einstein Healthcare Network for more than 40 years, many of which were spent as a member of MossRehab's board of directors, was not forgotten by his children when he passed away in 2013. In honor of their father, Mark, Richard, Joanne and Scott Tanker have funded one of MossRehab's robotic devices, the Lokomat, the first commercial robotic walker system designed to aid patients learning to walk again after spinal cord, stroke or brain injury.

Paul's son Mark, a gastroenterologist with Einstein Healthcare Network, said his father was very interested in the technology of medicine. "Since MossRehab is at the forefront of research in using technology to assist patients with rehabilitation," he said, "my brothers and sister agreed that the most fitting tribute to our father would be to support something that he was very passionate about. MossRehab was the perfect and obvious choice."

A native of Atlantic City, NJ, Paul had fond memories of growing up in the shore community and the many friends there who continued to be a part of his life when he settled in Philadelphia. He had many stories about working as an IRS agent as a young man in the shore communities of South Jersey, which were part of his "territory" long before the small towns of Ocean City, Sea Isle, Avalon, Stone Harbor and Cape May became major destination points for families throughout the Philadelphia area and beyond. We will miss those stories and Paul A. Tanker.

Beau Weisman, Editor