A New Resource for Veterans Seeking Medical Care

A New Resource for Veterans Seeking Medical Care

It’s no secret that veterans in South Jersey have faced difficulties accessing healthcare. Now, thanks to a new program at Shore Medical Center in Somers Point, N.J., help is now available to make it easier to get medical care through the Veterans Administration (VA) system.

Steve Jansen is a Marine Corps veteran and the man behind Shore Medical's new Veterans Affairs Navigator Program. A disabled veteran who has been volunteering at Shore Medical since 2002, Jansen knows first-hand the pain and struggles that many veterans have experienced in search of health care.

"Veterans have long been neglected when seeking care, and it is very important to help them through the convoluted VA process,” Jansen says. “I have experienced and lived through the horrible nightmares and other negative effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Once I received treatment, my whole world changed. I am now dedicating my life to help any suffering veteran I can to experience the world in which I now live."

Through Shore Medical’s Veterans Affairs Navigator Program, Jansen provides guidance and information to veterans in areas such as VA coverage, reimbursements, compensation, benefits and much more.

For more information, contact Steve Jansen, Shore Medical Center Veteran Advocate, at 609-653-3543 or email VA_Navigator@shoremedicalcenter.org (link sends e-mail).