A New Social Security Plan Under Donald Trump?

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No matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on, almost everyone agrees that Social Security is a great program that assures Americans that they will have income after the age of 65 — or 62 if you so choose.

This is not a giveaway. Americans have been paying part of their income into the Social Security fund from the first day they began working — virtually all of their working life.

Now the Trump Administration is trying to defund and destroy the Social Security system through either payroll cuts or raising the age at which Social Security kicks in. The latter plan starts at the age of 75 rather than the current 65 — using the logic that Americans are living longer than in the past.

Back in the early days of Social Security, the average life span of Americans was to age 62 — and now according to statistics it is 72. So under the new plan you pay longer to get Social Security — unless you get coronavirus and die much younger. But who’s counting?

As someone past the age of 65 who started working at age 13, I think the program is right on the money as it is now and the wealthy people will just have to get along on their own without my meager monthly Social Security benefits.

Beau Weisman, Editor