A Tip of the Hat to Joe Wilkins

A Tip of the Hat to Joe Wilkins

I'd like to tip my hat to Joe Wilkins, who writes the "Joe's Take" column in the Middle Township Gazette.  The one thing I like as much as writing is reading, and I like to read Joe's weekly column in The Gazette.

An author, semi-retired lawyer and former municipal judge, he writes from the heart with a keen eye and depth of experience about people, family, politics and all of the threads that make up the fabric of daily life in our community.

In many respects his writing reminds me of Ernie Pyle, the great World War II correspondent who was killed in the Pacific after covering the entire European campaign from North Africa through the carnage of Europe.  He always wrote about the average GI who trudged along and got the job done despite the circumstances — always wondering if he would make it home.

Before the war, Pyle wrote a column for the Scripps-Howard Newspapers about his travels throughout the country and around the world, but mostly about people.  By his own description, he was the little guy observing the lives of others with understanding and compassion that seemed to stem from his mid-western roots.

Joe has that touch and you rarely walk away after reading his column without a little more knowledge or insight than you started with.  So, Joe, we wish you good health, a long life — and please keep writing.

Beau Weisman, Editor