Arthritis Is a Treatable Problem for Pets

Arthritis Is a Treatable Problem for Pets

Arthritis is a common problem in older pets, especially for the larger breed of dogs. It may be caused by an injury or unknown reasons and the result is painful joints — but it is treatable.

Arthritis frequently worsens with time and it may develop slowly or quickly.  The signs may include lack of appetite, reluctance to walk, climb stairs or play, limping, lagging behind on walks, difficulty in rising from a resting position and personality changes. 

Clinical signs in most pets are often worse when they first get up and start to move. Overweight pets are the most susceptible.

If your pet has arthritis, there is no need for it to suffer. We have strategies for treatment of arthritis, which may be proactive or reactive depending on your pet's particular situation. And September is a good time for an examination when we have 15% off on all senior wellness exams throughout the month.

Source: Robert K.Fitzpatrick, DVM, Abri Animal Hospital, Cape May Court House, NJ. If you have a pet-related question, please use our contact page and select the category Ask The Vet.