Articles Criticize Gov. Christie’s Spending Sprees at NFL Football Games

Articles Criticize Gov. Christie's Spending Sprees at NFL Football Games

Several publications, including the Huffington Post, Forbes Magazine and New Jersey Watchdog, have reported that New Jersey's Gov.Chris Christie spent more than $82,000 in taxpayer money at food and beverage concessions at NFL games — a sum that Republicans later reimbursed to the state's Treasury to avoid impropriety.

According to New Jersey Watchdog, an analysis of records from the governor's office showed that Christie used $300,000 of his $360,000 state allowance over five years to purchase food, alcohol and desserts — with more than $82,000 of that amount going to Delaware North Sportservice, which operates the concessions at MetLife Stadium, the home of the New York Giants and Jets teams.

The analysis also indicated the governor's preference for Wegman's Food Markets, where he spent more than $76,000 — which a spokesman indicated was for "official" and "business" purposes.

In addition to the governor's annual salary of $175,000, Christie receives $95,000 a year listed in the state budget as "an allowance of funds not otherwise appropriated and used for official receptions on behalf of the state, the operation of an official residence, for other expenses."

All of these funds come from taxes paid by New Jersey residents, many of whom find the governor's behavior less than "presidential," as when he was seen on national television hugging the owner of the Dallas Cowboys (at a game in Dallas) when that team defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, considered by many South Jersey residents as the "local" team. 

None of the articles on Gov. Christie's expense account expenditures cast him in a favorable light as he continues to campaign as a potential candidate for the office of President of the United States.