Ask The Vet

Ask The Vet


If you are planning a camping trip this summer and want to take your pet along, the following are a few things to keep in mind.

No one knows your dog or cat like you do. With that in mind, knowing your pet's temperament and habits will help you keep them safe while meeting their needs in a new environment.

Do not change your pet's water or diet while you are away. Sudden changes in either could result in diarrhea. Make sure you take along whatever is necessary.

Make sure the destination campground or vacation site is pet-friendly. Most campgrounds are, but they do have rules that should be observed and they may charge extra for your pet.

Never leave your pet in an unventilated camper or trailer — and that's a good thing to remember wherever you are. For example, when you are shopping at home and "just left him out there for five minutes and I forgot the time." That can be disastrous for your pet and the whole family.

Protect your pet's health by making sure their immunizations are up to date before you leave — especially their rabies vaccine.

With a little care and planning your camping vacation can be a great experience for the entire family — and that includes your dog or cat.

Dr. Robert K. Fitzpatrick