Atlantic Cape Community College to Add Armed Security on Campus

Atlantic Cape Community College to Add Armed Security on Campus

Atlantic Cape Community College is joining other regional colleges and universities in adding armed security officers on its campuses in Cape May Court House, Mays Landing and Atlantic City, NJ. 

The trend, in reaction to the brutal slaying of students and teachers at universities over the last few years, has resulted in the arming of campus police nationwide. Villanova University on Philadelphia's  Main Line announced its intention to arm a portion of its campus security last month, joining the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University and Drexel University,  which already had armed security on campus.

According to a Cape Atlantic spokesman, the college will sign a three-month, $100,000 contract with a national security firm that has offices in New Jersey to police the three campuses. At this time local police respond only when a crime is committed on campus, but that may change over time.  There are about  7,000 students currently enrolled on the college's three campuses.

It's really sad when you think about the fear that has permeated college campuses based on repeated attacks by deranged students and others carrying guns and rifles, including assault weapons used by the military. Many of our leaders seem willing to go overseas to stop terrorists from attacking Americans, but not enough are willing to pass common-sense legislation restricting the use and possession of guns to protect people here. 

Donald Trump says that the slaughter in Paris could have been avoided if the people in the audience of that theater (the "good guys") had been armed. Think about that. Think what would have happened if those people had been armed and everyone started firing at anyone they thought were "bad guys." It would have made the shootout at the OK Corral look like a Sunday school picnic — and the number of people killed and injured would have been catastrophic.  Thanks, Donald.

Beau Weisman, Editor