August 25 Deadline for Comments/Petitions on Comcast-Time Warner Merger

August 25 Deadline for Comments/Petitions on Comcast-Time Warner Merger

There are just a few days left to make yourself heard on whether the Federal Communications Commission should approve the merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable. For those who feel strongly about this merger, this is an opportunity to express yourself — as I did in Goodbye Comcast and Good Riddance.

Responses to comments or petitions must be filed by September 23 and replies to the responses are  due October 8. This is a serious matter as there are very few options available to the public for cable TV and internet connections — and all of them leave something to be desired. But it can only get worse if the number of those options shrink and the poor service and increased costs continue to escalate as in the past.

Media watchdog groups throughout the nation have been disputing the sale, indicating it would lower competition in the internet and cable industry and raise costs. This opinion was voiced loud and clear at the May meeting of Comcast shareholders and executives when a loud crowd of protestors said "We vote no!"

As you would expect, Comcast has said the merger would benefit its customers with quicker internet speeds and more reliable service. 

Let's get real!  Comcast has been around for a long time and if it couldn't get its act together in all of those years, what makes you think it will be any better in the future — when it will effectively own all of the marbles and you will have few options left.

What's that old saying? "You can fool some of the people some of the time ………"