Cape May County Zoo Named Among the Best in the World

Cape May County Zoo Named Among the Top Zoos in the World

TripAdvisor, considered the world's largest travel site, has ranked the Cape May County Zoo 13th among the top zoos in the world and fifth in the U.S. The San Diego Zoo was first in both categories.

We, who live the area, are not surprised by this recognition. The Cape May County Zoo has been a gem in the county's park system for many years and is constantly providing new programs for the benefit of area residents and visitors. A large part of the park adjacent to the zoo contains a play area for children, with picnic benches and outdoor grills nearby for an entire family outing. 

What makes the Cape May County Zoo different from many others is that the entire zoo, including the areas where the animals are housed, is in a park-like setting with trees and  local foliage where people can stroll and enjoy the experience. The zoo has several large parking areas and  a bike path around the perimeter that continues through the zoo's back entrance on Dennisville Road for several miles through wooded areas of the township.

In addition to the animals at the zoo, there are three fresh water ponds for fishing, public tennis and basketball courts, and baseball and softball fields across from the zoo on Route 9. All of them, including the zoo, are part of the Cape May County Park system. 

Open every day (from 10 am to 4:45 pm in the summer and 10 am to 3:45 pm the rest of the year), it's no wonder the Cape May County Zoo gets more than 400,000 visitors every year. For more information, call 609-465-5271.