Chris Christie for President?

Bookmaker puts the odds of Chris Christie becoming President at 10 to 1 -- in favor!

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who recently threw his hat in the ring for a presidential run on the Republican ticket, has not gotten high marks in poll after poll. And even people in his own state consider him a bad choice for the top job!

But the bookmaking company William Hill came up with a more favorable view, projecting his chances of winning the presidency at 10 to 1 in favor! That's fourth place behind Hillary Clinton at 2-1; Marco Rubio at 6-1, and Jeb Bush at 9-1.

However, that assessment may not be entirely reliable, according to Harry Krane, a statistics professor at Rutgers University. "That figure reflects more the odds that the public believes that he has of winning than what his actual odds are," Krane said. ""It's only important to the bookmaker that he sets a number or the odds, so that there's equal amounts of money bet on both sides."

No matter what you believe concerning Chris Christie's chances of becoming President, you have to agree that they are considerably better than those of Donald Trump. But who knows? It's politics, after all.

Beau Weisman, Editor