Clinton Vs Trump — Round Three

Clinton Vs Trump -- Round Three

The third and final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump reminded me more of a boxing match than a serious discussion between two candidates seeking the highest office in the nation. To me, it was "The Fracas in Las Vegas."

Clinton was dressed all in white and wore her usual smile, while her opponent, Donald Trump, was clothed in his traditional dark blue suit and red tie and wore his ever-present scowl. The referee, or moderator, was Chris Wallace, who soon lost control of the event.

The first round related to the kind of justices they would appoint to the Supreme Court, and each responded as expected, with Trump going conservative and Clinton more liberal. Some scored that round even, but others thought Trump landed the heavier blows.

The second and third rounds centered on abortion and immigration and each scored points on these subjects, but Clinton landed a heavy blow on behalf of women having control of their own bodies while Trump had the spectators gasping with jabs at "babies being ripped out of women's bodies in the ninth month."

It was at that point that the bout began to get really nasty as Trump reverted to form and began interrupting Clinton and talking over the referee, who could not stop Trump from continuing to throw punches even after the "bell" had sounded ending that round. And, according to the judges, Trump lost a round when he threw a punch below the belt and said Clinton was "such a nasty woman."

Like many boxers when they feel they are losing the match, Trump tried to get in close and mix it up on a personal level midway through the fight. But Clinton retained her composure and hit Trump with the kind of punches that always seem to get under his skin and take him off stride. In the style of Muhammad Ali, she was "floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee."

When the fight was over, a smiling Clinton was congratulated by her fans while Trump quickly left the arena. The judges seemed unanimous in their decision that Clinton was the winner, both on points and the number of rounds she won. But Trump's fans are contesting that decision.

However, everyone agreed that Trump's unwillingness to abide by the results of the election and, in his words, "keep everyone in suspense," caused one judge (a Republican) to comment it was "Lights out in American politics with that statement. He disqualified himself with that statement."

Beau Weisman, Editor

Editor's note: In an unprecedented incident the following night at the Al Smith Dinner in New York, Donald Trump was booed by the other guests when he made slanderous remarks about Hillary Clinton,  who was also a dinner guest and speaker. The Donald will be The Donald.