Cruelty to Animals

Cruelty to Animals

II's hard for pet owners to imagine that anyone would lock a dog in a wire cage and leave it to die of disease or starvation on a street corner. But that's what happened recently in Austin, Texas.

The dog, a one-year-old boxer or Boston terrier mix, was nearly dead when it was found by Austin police. She is currently in critical condition.

One can understand that some dogs and their owners don't get along for a variety of reasons, but to abandon a helpless creature in a locked cage to die is senseless and cruel when there are other options available. There are animal shelters or other facilities in most large cities that would provide a home for a dog or cat until it is adopted and placed in a safe home.

Leaving a helpless animal to die is offensive to anyone who has ever owned and loved a pet.

Laurie Weisman