Donald Trump For President?

Donald Trump For President?

One of the things that amazes me about Donald Trump is that anyone can take him seriously or even like him!

Whenever I think of Trump I think of Senator Joe McCarthy and the comment that brought him down — "Have you no decency, sir?" And who can forget Adolph Hitler and those who bought into his racism and policies that nearly brought the world to its knees and murdered millions in the process.

But Trump is something else entirely. He lies to your face and then calls you a liar or worse when you call him on it — as though you are the culprit and "started the fight." And people believe him!

His latest victims are members of the press, who have the audacity to question the details of his contributions to veterans organizations, when it was Trump himself who made much of his beneficence. And without the press Trump would never have gained as much "recognition" as he has over the past year. But that's one of Trump's favorite ploys, it seems. Use them and then throw them away after they have served their purpose.

As it relates to his opponents, for example, he says what nice guys they are ("I like —") before he verbally attacks and belittles them — and then gets some like Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Marco Rubio to endorse him with promises of goodies to come.

There isn't enough space (or energy) to cite all of the inconsistencies about Trump, the successful businessman who has had any number of business failures; the billionaire who doesn't want anyone to see his tax returns or investigate the alleged frauds perpetrated by his Trump University.

In summing up, I guess the best suggestion I can make is to listen to Trump and form your own opinion of him as the head of our government — the President of the United States — making decisions for you and me for the next four (maybe eight) years. You figure it out.

Beau Weisman, Editor