Emails, Emails Every Day!!!

Heath Care Uninsured Down 4.6% in Last 12 Months

As someone who grew up before the computer “revolution” I always marvel at the many advantages the computer provides in terms of information and access to sites that we didn’t know existed just a few years ago.

However, the email messages I get every day (literally hundreds, it seems), all have a couple things in common. They tell me I am “special” and have been “selected to represent the area in which I live” and all I have to do is provide a variety of information that includes my email address, my home address and telephone number for starters, and they all conclude with requests for money to help “the organization, individual or party.“

If I, or anyone, were to send money to all of those requesting it — remembering that many of those requests were sent by scammers — we would be a candidate for “the poorhouse” in short order.

It wasn’t too long ago that members of Congress (or their staff) were expected to spend hours every day on the telephone begging for money. Now it’s all done via email and it’s never-ending.

It would be nice to get an email from our representative in Congress just to say “Hi” and bring us up to date on what was happening there and to get our opinion on the major (or not so major) issues of the day. We might have some ideas or an opinion that could be helpful. Or, at the very least, it might just be good to know that someone is paying attention and that they “give a damn” about what is happening in Washington and/or the government that effects us all!

Beau Weisman, Editor