FEMA Meeting Rescheduled to Nov. 1

FEMA Meeting Rescheduled for Nov. 1

VILLAS — A public meeting with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) representatives will held be Friday, Nov.1 at 6 pm at Lower Township Hall, 2600 Bayshore Road here. A previous meeting was canceled due to the federal government shutdown.

A number of bayside residents in Lower and Middle Townships have questioned their homes being placed in higher risk flood zones by federal flood maps, which gives homeowners the choice of elevating their homes or paying costly flood insurance premiums.

FEMA will be represented at the meeting by Mark Rollins and Patrick Holloway, risk map outreach specialists; Jeff Gangai, an engineer with Risk Assessment Mapping and Planning Partners; Jack Jennings, a NFIP insurance specialist; Ken Spedding, a NFIP flood plain manager, and Jillian Stokley, a hazard mitigation specialist.

The meeting is being held in Lower Township because ocean-side towns in Cape May County had Advisory Base Flood Elevation maps as early as January this year. Bayside towns did not receive that information until recently.

Lower Township Mayor Michael Beck said the meeting was for all area residents affected by new federal flood maps. He said he hoped FEMA officials could make adjustments to the new maps. Beck did not rule out the necessity of hiring a wave analyst to refute the maps, perhaps in conjunction with Middle Township.