Good News for Golfers

Good News for Golfers

Sometimes something happens that is such a good story it just has to be shared. This is one of them.

I had a call from a friend of many years, John Giovanni, who was all excited about something he had invented and was about to market nationwide. That surprised me because John was in his late 70's and had already had at least two very successful careers.

He explained that he had been playing golf with three friends, all in their 70's, and one was having a terrible time getting his ball to stay on the tee. His hands were trembling and he was obviously embarrassed.

"We had been golfing together for a long time," John said, "and I decided to see if there was something on the market that would solve his problem. There were two products available, neither of them very good in my judgment. I thought I could do better."

Using his 25 years of engineering experience in the aerospace industry, he developed the T-ease, a rubberized "platform" that provides a larger, more stable ball-resting area. You simply slip the standard wooden tee into the T-ease, place the ball and it sits there waiting for you to tee-off. It's easy, inexpensive, reusable — and made in America.

I thought John's answer to my question "Why now?" was very interesting. He said, "You're only old if you think old. I wake up in the morning these days more excited and refreshed than I have in years. I feel like I'm 21 again — almost."

Now he's working on a golfing solution to one of the other major problems for seniors and anyone suffering with back problems — bending over to place and pick up the ball. Stay tuned.