Gov’t Offers Help in Understanding ‘Obamacare’

Gov't Offers Help in Understanding 'Obamacare'

The Obama administration has launched what it described as "a one-stop-shop" website aimed at providing employers educational materials related to the Affordable Care Act. It also will enlighten individuals about their options as the country moves toward October 1 when some of the  act's provisions will go into effect. At a time when many citizens are confused or uncertain about how the act applies to them, this should prove helpful.   

Among other things, the website will allow you to fill out an application and see what plan choices are available in your state. As the website says, "Welcome to the Marketplace, where  you can get coverage that meets your needs."  

The website includes a tool that is tailored to the size and location of a business. It also has related links to the Small Business Administration, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Treasury Department, which said in a statement, "This latest tool will help ensure that employers of all sizes know what the Affordable Care Act means for them and have the information they need to take advantage of the new benefits and opportunities under the law."