Gov’t Shutdown Is Over; Default Is Avoided

Gov't Shutdown Is Over; Default Is Avoided

President Obama signed a bill funding the government through January 15 and raising the debt limit through February 7 after the House approved the legislation crafted by the Senate.

As the New York Times said in its news analysis, headlined "House G.O.P. Loses A Lot to Get A Little," the Republicans divided the party in the process and made a lot of Americans very angry.

In another article by the Times Editorial Board, headlined "The Republicans Surrender," the piece said, "After inflicting enormous damage, the House wins virtually nothing and gives up."

After the 16-day standoff that shut down portions of the federal government and inflicted financial pain throughout the country, including here in South Jersey, the battle over the Republicans' attempt to hold the government hostage and gut the Affordable Care Act ended in a whimper. You have to wonder if the politicians learned anything in the process, or for that matter, if the American people did.

Oh, yes, and Newark Mayor Cory Booker defeated Steve Lonergan to take the Senate seat vacated following the death of Senator Frank Lautenberg.