I’m With Tom

I’ve lived a long life and been witness to many wars, starting with WWII when I was a boy, but I can never recall a time quite like this in terms of uncertainty about the country and its leadership.

Everything seems to be going from bad to worse. Every move or statement made by President Donald Trump seems to negatively impact the country, from the people he selects to run the various departments of the government to his statements regarding immigrants, the availability of guns or tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum, which is having a negative impact on businesses throughout the nation.

And, to make matters worse, he seems to forget his promises or say the exact opposite the following day or week.

For example, his campaign for president was based on providing jobs and/or opportunities for the working people of America and his only major legislation in more than a year in office was a tax act that gave about a trillion and half dollars to the richest people in America — and little more than a kiss on the cheek to working families.

It was the biggest theft from the nation’s treasury in American history. The treasury’s deficit is now about 21 trillion dollars, the largest in the nation’s history. And it seems that the Congress will try to make up the difference by tinkering with Social Security and Medicare.

And now we have John Bolton! What more can you say?

Unlike other billionaires who pushed for the tax legislation that put millions in their pockets (after threatening to withhold funds to finance the campaigns of those in Congress), Tom Steyer has been spending millions out of his own pocket for television ads that criticize the actions of President Donald Trump and call for his impeachment — and, short of that, to vote the Republicans out of  Congress and thereby render Trump powerless.

The following quotes Steyer, in part, about why the upcoming elections are so important and why everyone should participate.

”Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee just dishonestly shut down the committee’s Russia Investigation. No one should be surprised.

“Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired this morning, right after speaking out about Russia. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation continues to turn up new revelations every week.  Our intelligence agencies agree that Russia interfered with the 2016 election in favor of Trump. They know the American people deserve the truth.

“But House Republicans? They’d rather play partisan games and shut down investigations because they are scared of losing control of the House this November. They  are putting party ahead of country, and it’s wrong. Members of the House need to know we won’t stand for it.

“This action by House Republicans is just another example of why this year’s elections are going to be critical for our country’s future. Only Republicans not running for re-election are speaking the truth. Rep. Tom Rooney is breaking ranks with his fellow Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee by declaring the committee has ‘lost all credibility’ on this investigation

“It shouldn’t take a retirement to show political courage — it should be the job of every elected official, of both parties. We must demand that our elected officials take the Russia investigation seriously and act in our country’s best interest — not Trump’s best interest.

“We will hold Congress accountable by taking actions like these to send a powerful message about the strength of our movement. And we will be heard loud and clear in November when we vote.”

I’m with Tom.

Beau Weisman, Editor