Jean Conti Marches Again

The first time I wrote about Jean Conti was in 2013 when she was a member of a small group that was protesting the Iraq war. They were standing on the corner of a major intersection in Rio Grande, N.J., near the southern tip of that state.

Most of the passing motorists and truckers gave them a “thumbs up,” while others were not as kind. But that didn’t stop Jean or the others from protesting.

The next time I wrote about Jean was when she and her daughters, Lia and Rebecca, participated in The Second Annual Women’s March in Ocean City, N.J., on February 23, 2018.

Now Jean and her fellow marchers have hit the “big time” with their photo featured on Rachel Maddow’s TV show on MSNBC. Jean is on the first row on the far right holding the sign that says “Against Any Wall.”

Jean and others like her are marching for all of us and, in my mind, they are the guardians of democracy. We are living in a dangerous time for our country and if we can’t all march, we can at least take a stand.

And if you don’t believe that we are in danger of losing our democracy, you should read “How Democracies Die” by Harvard Professors of Government Steven Levitskky and Daniel Ziblatt. It says it all.