Letter From Jerusalem No. 14

Letter From Jerusalem No. 14

We are happy in this summer of 2015 because there is something for everyone to do.

The Jerusalem Film Festival is entertaining us for 10 days.  We have tickets to see the original filming of “42nd Street” with the Busby Berkley (does anyone else remember him?) dance sequences.  It should be fun.

The Festival has several venues around the city and there are films being shown from all around the world.  Its permanent home is the Jerusalem Cinemateque – a magnificent building that sits on the slopes of the Gai Hinnom Valley facing  the Zion Gate to the Old City of Jerusalem. Films are shown there throughout the year.  People come from all over the country to attend.

The Israel Museum’s Youth Wing is featuring “A Birthday Party” to celebrate the museum’s 50th birthday.  You enter and the first exhibit is a huge chocolate cake with candles, a giant popper and all kinds of candy.  Very colorful and the kids can climb on all of them.  The walls are lined with pictures from every year of Youth Wing exhibits and all kinds of hands-on games for the attendees to try their hands at.  Very colorful and everyone loves it.

Went to a concert this past week and the setting was gorgeous. Nothing can describe that concert experience, but to give you some idea — we never knew that some of the instruments existed before we saw them that evening. The accordianist had a full beard and three of his grandchildren accompanied him, all playing different instruments. What a night! 

Summer is special activity time in Israel and everything from the Zoo to the local display of ancient olive presses has new exhibits on offer. And there is always the sea and the sun.

Come join us.        

Anita Ellis