Letter From Jerusalem, No. 15

Letter From Jerusalem, No. 15

There was so much to do in Jerusalem this summer we didn't know where to start.

The Annual Wine Festival took place in the Sculpture Garden of the Israel Museum where, for about $15, you received entrance, a lovely wine glass and the opportunity to taste wines from 25 local kosher vineyards. Israel's wines have been winning international awards in recent years. There were tidbits on sale to go with the wine and the setting was so glamorous, it was like Hollywood.

Even the beach came to Jerusalem this summer. In one corner of The First Station (see Letter From Jerusalem, No.3 ) they brought in tons of sand, set up beach chairs and umbrellas, a little water slide for the kiddies and showers so you could cool off and then sit in the sun some more. Much easier than the 35 mile trek down to the seacoast. It was hugely popular.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper, as a public service, began to publish short biographies and pictures of some of the wonderful dogs that are up for adoption through the local SPCA. Every Friday some of the dogs (and cats) are brought to a very popular shopping street so you could see them in person. So far, on paper, I've adopted 12 of them.

Come join us next summer (or sooner).

Anita Ellis