Letter From Jerusalem, No. 17

Letter From Jerusalem, No. 17

We've been having a bit of a hard time lately, but things are getting better.  Life goes on in Jerusalem as it always has through whatever strife comes our way.

I thought you'd be interested in how many English-speaking theater groups we have and the delicious variety we have to choose from.

1.  "Avenue Q,"  by the AACI (Americans and Canadians in Israel) group, was a Broadway hit and Tony award winner. It should be great.

2.  A "Concert of Cantorial Music" that  will benefit a network of educational facilities.  Always wonderful.

3.  "Count The Stars," by the Women's Performance Community of Jerusalem.  It was originally written, produced and performed by a group of women during the most recent Intifada.  They did it to keep their spirits up.  I've seen it once and am going back again because it's an amazing tour de force.

4. "The Wizard of Oz" is being put on by our favorite group of all, the Encore Educational Group.  They started out specializing in Gilbert and Sullivan and have moved on to performances (usually musicals) that are almost as good as Broadway productions. They sponsor a school/group that teaches and trains youngsters to appear on stage.

The quality of talent that emerges when auditions are called for these productions boggles the mind.  We are constantly amazed at the voices, the talent and performances of these doctors, scientists, psychologists and real estate agents, etc., who are really hams (excuse the expression) at heart.  What wonderful evenings we have enjoyed and look forward to again this season.

Come join us

Anita Ellis