Letter From Jerusalem, No. 9

Letter From Jerusalem, No. 9

We just returned home from our first visit to Philadelphia in a year and a half. Aside from being with our families, one of the highlights was attending my 65th high school reunion. It was more than wonderful.

Most of us were together during 12 years of school, from Mann Elementary to Beeber Jr. High to Overbrook High School. The pictures proved it. Lots of us brought our 1st grade pictures and there we are missing our teeth, baby fat, waiting for growth spurts, pigtails and hiding all the potential that did come to the fore. 

Today we are scientists, journalists, teachers, musicians, dentists, businessmen, salespersons, expatriates and lawyers, etc. Through the years we've managed to stay in touch, to know the highlights of each other's lives and to greet one another with hugs and kisses that carry the great affection for each other that is really a part of who we are. It was wonderful!

The other highlight was a visit to the Barnes Museum with a cousin who is one of their guides. If you want to experience something special, treat yourself to a day at the Barnes. We've all seen reproductions of some of the most famous paintings there, but when  you walk in and see the originals, it quite takes your breath away.

We are  always happy to come home to Jerusalem. This time it was just in time for the Pope's visit. There is great excitement in the air and lots of problems with traffic. But for us, being home in Jerusalem makes up for everything.

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Editor's note — I thought you would like to see what the Mamilla Mall (see Letter from Jerusalem No. 6 here) looks like when it's full of people and, as you see here, a flash mob is entertaining.