Made in America Week

Made in America Week

During the White House's "Made in America Week," President Trump's emphasis was not only on making things here, but to buy and support American-made products.

When the president's press secretary Sean Spicer was asked at a press conference if the president's companies and those of his children will be following through on that initiative, he said the president's agenda focuses on making sure "all companies can hire here, can expand here, can manufacture here." However, of the Trump family's companies, he said "It's not appropriate for me to stand up here and comment about a business. I believe that is a little out of  bounds."

The question was obviously aimed at the president's business activities and those of his daughter, Ivanka, whose clothing lines are mostly made overseas. And like most questions about the president and his family, it went unanswered.

Someone said about Spicer, who was speaking to reporters in a room in which no cameras were allowed, "Why do they hide this guy? He's a national treasure. He may single-handedly be keeping the nation's comedy writers afloat."

Beau Weisman, Editor

Editor's Note:

Sean Spicer, who served as both White House communications director and press secretary, resigned those positions on Friday, July 21, 2017. He has been replaced as communications director by Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci, described as "a friend of the president," who has little experience in this field.