New Gun Law in Georgia

New Georgia Law Allows Guns Almost Everywhere

Every time something really stupid happens I think "nothing can top this." Then I read that the governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, had signed a new law that allows people to carry a gun into a school, church, bar or just about anyplace else, including some areas of an airport, if they have a concealed carry permit.

I am no expert on bars, although I have been known to visit one or two on occasion, but I have seen enough arguments in and out of bars to know that the last place in the world guns should be allowed is in bars. It reminds me of the old cowboy movies where the sheriff used to collect everyone's gun when they came to town — just to make sure no one got drunk or angry enough to shoot someone. Not a bad idea then or now.

Have we become so fearful of our safety that carrying a gun around all the time makes sense? Personally, it just makes me wonder when the next massacre or shoot-out will occur and we can add new names to the list of those who lost their lives needlessly.

In announcing the new law, Gov. Deal noted with pride his continued high rating by the National Rifle Association during his 17 years in  Congress. It should be noted that the governor was not alone in his approval of the new gun law. The law was approved by the Georgia State Legislature by a 112-58 vote in the House and 37-18 in the Senate.  

I'm afraid this is not the last time we will be hearing about this law and its consequences. 

Beau Weisman, Editor