Pa. Turnpike Tolls Will Increase January 5

Pa. Turnpike Tolls Will Increase January 5

Tolls will increase on the Pennsylvania Turnpike beginning Sunday, January 5. The tolls will increase by 12% for those who pay with cash and 2% for those with E-Z Pass. The E-Z Pass toll, which had been 25% less than the cash toll, will now be 35% less.

Because it's less costly to process an electronic transaction compared to a cash transaction, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is hopeful that the reduced cost will result in increased E-Z Pass enrollment, which is currently more than 70% of turnpike travelers.

According to the commission, the new revenues are necessary to:

  • continue to effectively and efficiently maintain and operate the 55–mile turnpike system; 
  • expand, modernize and widen the turnpike, parts of which are nearly 75 years old, and 
  • supply needed funding to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) for investment in off-turnpike road and bridge improvements, as well as in public transit.

Under a new transportation-funding law, Act 89, the amount of funding the commission provides to PennDOT will remain at $450 million annually for the next eight years, through June, 2022. Then the payments will drop to $50 million a year until 2057.

Motorists interested in purchasing E-Z Pass can go online at or call 1-877-736-6727. Motorists can also buy an E-Z Pass  GoPak at more than 300 retailers across the state, including most AAA offices. It costs $38 to purchase an E-Z Pass if using a credit or debit card to set up an auto-replenishment account. The cost includes a $35 toll balance, plus a $3 annual fee.