Re-Reading “I Will Never Support Trump”

Trump Awards Purple Heart to Afghanistan Veteran

Every now and then I go back and read articles I’ve written in the past to determine if they are still relevant. I just re-read “I Will Never Support Trump,” written by a veteran in Erma, N.J., and I couldn’t agree more — especially in light of the storming and vandalism of our nation’s capital last week by those opposed to our elected leaders and our way of government.

This led to the second impeachment of our president, Donald Trump, who it is claimed incited the rioters to their rampage and destruction in our nation’s capital.

Whatever the outcome of Trump’s impeachment and his subsequent trial in the Senate, it is worth reading once again the thoughts of this New Jersey resident concerning why he will never support Trump. You’ll find the article in the following categories — Beau’s Corner, Government and Veterans.

Beau Weisman, Editor