Requests for Political Donations Never Seem to Stop

Please Don't Shoot The Piano Player. He's Doing The Best He Can!

I wrote recently about the hundreds of email requests for donations I get from political parties and individuals every week — and also warned about providing contact information in reply to “surveys” that might be of interest to you. That information is passed along to political parties (and elsewhere?)and are the basis for requests for political donations.

Out of curiosity I backtracked in my emails to see how long I have been receiving those requests. At this point I’ve gone back to December 18, 2017 and the requests for money seem never ending. Someone is always running for office somewhere.

What I also found interesting in those past emails is that Robert Mueller has been on the brink of being fired for more than a year and, to his credit, he just keeps on doing his thing like the Energizer bunny. Thank goodness!

Beau Weisman, Editor