Sen. Kamala Harris Urges Continued Struggle Against ‘Trumpcare’

Sen. Kamala Harris Urges Continued Struggle Against 'Trumpcare'

The following email from Sen. Kamala Harris of California was received Tuesday, July 25, 2017:

It keeps getting worse and worse.

Republican leadership in the Senate is so desperate to pass their "health care" bill that they're cutting obscene backroom deals and rushing a revised bill, which no one has seen, to the floor this week — all in a craven attempt to steal health insurance away from millions of Americans so they can give their wealthy donors a tax break.

Just days ago, it seemed that my GOP colleagues were finally ready to give up on repealing Obamacare and start working with us to reform the law. Then, President Trump invited them to lunch — and scolded them for doing the right thing.

Now, Senate Majority Leader McConnell says that there will be a vote to begin debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act this week, and if the repeal passes, 32 million Americans' health insurance will be taken from them.

The grassroots pressure that Courage Campaign organizers have mobilized has made an incredible difference. I've seen it every single day. Without your help, this bill would have passed months ago and millions of vulnerable people would have lost access to affordable health insurance.

During Wednesday night's meeting, McConnell apparently offered proposals for $200 billion in health care funding to Republicans who are willing to change their votes.

You know what they likely didn't discuss? Anything that would help the 32 million people who would lose their health insurance because of this bill. Assistance for people with preexisting conditions. Protections for essential medical services.

And now, several GOP senators who were previously "no" votes are saying that they are willing to vote to push Trumpcare forward.

Since day one, I've seen how important the voices of the American people have been in resisting the GOP's radical agenda.

All your work — at town hall meetings, sit-ins, and marches, along with your calls, letters, and even your tweets — has made a difference. People who have served in Congress for decades have told me they've never seen anything like it.  Keep it up — because I believe that we can win this fight and save millions of vulnerable Americans who are at risk if this bill passes.