Sen. Menedez Says ‘No’ to Drilling Off the New Jersey Coast

Sen. Menedez Says 'No' to Drilling Off the New Jersey Coast

The following email from Sen. Robert Menendez, speaking on behalf of other east coast members of the U.S. Senate, spells out the potential disastrous consequences of offshore oil drilling for New Jersey and other coastal states that rely on the revenue from tourism and fishing to support the economy and citizens of those states. Members of the New Jersey Legislature have also expressed their opposition to drilling off the Atlantic coast.

Dear friend,

Just as our beaches and shore  communities are being rebult from the destruction of Superstorm Sandy, we now face a new manmade threat to our environment, our economy, and our beautiful coastline. The Department of the Interior has announced a proposal that would open parts of the Atlantic Ocean to oil and gas drilling.

The Jersey Shore is a national treasure that so many of our families rely on for recreation and for their livelihoods. Our beaches support hundreds of thousands of jobs in New Jersey and help pump $38 billion into our economy each year and are home to a vibrant ecosystem of marine mammals and sea life that must be protected.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf Coast has made the devastating realities of offshore drilling all too clear. Let's not yield to the greed of Big Oil this time.

Let's shift our focus away from dirty fossil fuels that ravage our waters and contribute to climate change, and move toward clean, renewable sources of energy.

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