Sen. Tammy Baldwin Calls For Passage of ‘Buy America’ Legislation

Sen. Tammy Baldwin Calls For Passage of 'Buy America' Legislation

The  following is an email received from Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin on July 21, 2017: 

President Trump declared it "Made in America" week at the White House to promote products made in each of the 50 states.

That makes for a nice photo opportunity, for sure. But when it comes to boosting manufacturing or protecting American workers, Trump's record isn't a pretty picture.

Trump might act like he's committed to Made in America products in front of a camera, but when push comes to shove he deserts America's workers.

This is  true  in Trump's business life. The Trump Organization relies on factories in a dozen countries to manufacture its products.

It's also true as President. I've introduced "Buy America "legislation to ensure water infrastructure projects use high-quality 100% American-made iron and steel. But Trump has not pushed Congress to act on it.

Much like his Miss Universe days, Donald Trump is putting on a pageant. American workers need action, not show. Demand that the Trump administration push Congress to act on my "Buy America" legislation.

Last year, Paul Ryan killed my Buy America requirements from a water infrastructure measure despite broad bipartisan support.

Now the House wants to weaken what it means to even use American products by allowing steel originating in other countries and rolled here to be considered American-made.

I don't know about you, but to me American steel is American steel. If we want to create jobs and support American manufacturers we need 100% American-made iron and steel to be used in these projects.

Republicans in Congress are actively opposed to making Buy America a reality, and Donald Trump is talking out of both sides of his mouth about it.

American workers and companies need more than gimmicks and publicity. Sign your name and demand President Trump keep his promise and get Congress to take up "Buy America" legislation.