Senate Fails to Override Christie’s Veto of ‘Sandy Bill of Rights’

Senate Fails to Override Christie's Veto of  'Sandy Bill of Rights'

Senate Republicans today voted against the second attempt to override Gov.Chris Christie's veto of the "Sandy Bill of Rights," which would require the state to allocate federal aid to cities and towns based on how much damage they had suffered in the storm, which occurred in late October 2012. It also would require applications for aid be easier to understand and that applicants should be able to keep track of where their applications stood in that process. 

According to an article in the Star-Ledger newspaper June 23, the override attempt failed because not a single Senate Republican,13 of whom voted for the Sandy bill in March, stood by their vote, but instead "caved to pressure from the governor."

In an angry response to the failed override, the Democratic President of the Senate, Stephen Sweeney, issued the following  statement: "You really have to wonder how you could live with yourself if you showed such hypocrisy. This is the exact same bill we voted on in March. Nothing — absolutely nothing — about it has changed. Yet not a single one of the Republican members of the Senate had the nerve to stand up to the governor. Apparently that only happens when it's their own asses on the line. Then they can't fight him hard enough.

"We didn't hear a word of concern from the GOP back in March. In fact, my staff and I were publicly thanked for our willingness to work with the other side of the aisle on this bill. There are countless lawyers sitting in the Senate and Assembly Republican caucus, and yet they all voted for a bill that they now say is not legal. They know full well that the bill clearly outlines that in case of conflict with federal law, federal law prevails. It's an absolute non-issue they are blanketing themselves with to avoid the scorn of the governor.

"Each and every one of them should  be ashamed. The worst part is that their cowardice is just punishing folks who've already lost so much."