Summer Is a Dangerous Time for Pets

Ask The Vet

Summer is a dangerous time for pets. In really hot weather, with temperatures in the 90s or more, dogs can overheat much quicker than people and some breeds, such as bulldogs, Pekingese, pugs and other short snouted breeds, are at an even greater risk.

To be safe, keep your pet indoors except for potty breaks outside and walk them outdoors at the coolest part of the day. Make sure cool water is available at all times.

Be aware of signs of heat stroke, such as excessive panting, lethargy and drooling. Seek veterinary medical help immediately if you think your pet is suffering from heat stroke. Once heat stroke begins, your pet's temperature can continue climbing and be fatal even if you move him or her to a cooler place.

Paying attention to your pet in the summer can be critical and save a precious life.

Source: Robert K.Fitzpatrick, DVM, Abri Animal Hospital, Cape May Court House, NJ. If you have a pet-related question, please use our contact page and select the category Ask The Vet.