Tax Deductions For Veterans And Seniors

eligible for a property tax deduction?This could be yours if you are eligible for a property tax deduction in New Jersey.

Every year around this time I think about the veterans and senior citizens who can file for a property tax deduction in New Jersey because the filing time is limited if you want to get the deduction for the current year — and every township seems to have a different “end date.”

What bothers me — and has bothered me for about 15 years when we moved to Cape May Court House, N.J., from Philadelphia — is that the townships and the state do nothing to let people know that the $250 annual deduction is available to veterans and senior citizens.  And the law has been in effect in New Jersey since 1963!

The deduction also is available to the surviving spouse or domestic partner of a veteran — and few of them know they are eligible. I became aware of that when I was talking to a group of senior citizens and I could tell by the expressions of many women there that they were eligible and didn’t know it!

I know that $250 deducted from your property taxes every year may not sound like much,  but to a senior citizen on Social Security and living in New Jersey, where the property taxes are among the highest in the nation, it means a lot.

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