The Clinton-Trump Debates — Round Two

The Clinton-Trump Debates -- Round Two

I have been a journalist for more than 50 years and I have never seen or heard anything like what happened during the second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, when Trump threatened to have Clinton prosecuted if he became president.

Trump's bullying tactics, from introducing the "victims" of Bill Clinton's past during the early stages of the debate, to his aggressive conduct throughout the 90-minute "town-hall" program, proved again what every critic of Trump has ever said. Basically, he is a poor loser and he will do everything within his power to get even –no matter how long it takes. Critics have written that he has gone after his "enemies" years after an affront or disloyal act to harm them in any way possible.

Is this what we want in a president? It's no wonder that Republican legislators and loyalists are abandoning him in large numbers.

Will this affect the Trump loyalists? I doubt it. No matter what he says or does, they still believe he will build a fence along the entire US/Mexican border, clean up crime, provide jobs for everyone and "make America great again."

Meanwhile, New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie will still be holding his coat wherever he goes while Rudy Giuliani tries to explain the unexplainable — why Donald J. Trump has the temperament and experience to be president of the United States.

Beau Weisman, Editor