The Concord Cafe in Avalon

The Concord Cafe in Avalon

It was a dark, windy and rainy night when we decided to try the Concord Cafe in Avalon for the first time. We found it to be a warm and cheerful place with a casual atmosphere.

It wasn't crowded when we arrived, but it quickly filled up with families that seemed to be happy to be there. It's a family-friendly restaurant with a large and varied menu.

I ordered a veal dish with spinach, red peppers and cheese on top and a rich, delicious tomato sauce. There was enough for two people or one person with a very hearty appetite. My husband ordered ordered eggplant parmigiana, one of his favorites, and he was not disappointed. The salads that came with dinner were fresh, with a variety of ingredients, and the honey mustard dressing was lip-smacking good.

I looked around at the other tables and saw yummy looking thin-crust pizza with a variety of toppings, burgers and sandwiches that made my mouth water. Other platters looked equally appetizing.

Unfortunately, we did not try any desserts, my favorite part of a meal, but I was satisfied and full.

I strongly recommend the Concord Cafe. The service was excellent, cheerful and informative. The prices are good. Atmosphere casual and clean. It is easily accessible at 7800 Dune Drive in Avalon. (609) 368-5505.