The High Holidays at Beth Judah Temple

The High Holidays at Beth Judah Temple

Beth Judah Temple will celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the High Holidays, on September 4. The event marks the 103rd anniversary of the synagogue's founding in Wildwood in 1911, although it was incorporated in 1914 to 1915.

Eastern European immigrants, primarily from the area we know as Russia, originally settled near Vineland, NJ, under the auspices of the Alliance Land Trust in 1882. This became part of the Baron de Hirsch Fund, which also colonized Woodbine in 1895.

The immigrants of many backgrounds became "farmers," who often traveled to the seashore to peddle produce and poultry products. The appeal of seashore life began in the second generation of those immigrants and many settled in Wildwood, then known as Holly Beach. Rosh Hashanah was formally celebrated there for the first time in 1911.

In 1915 the property was purchased at Pacific and Spencer Avenues and the synagogue was dedicated in 1929. The synagogue's facilities  were enlarged to accommodate new classrooms and a social hall, which were dedicated in 1963. The synagogue has attracted members from throughout Cape May County, many of whom are leaders in the community.

The current spiritual leader is Rabbi Jeffrey Lipschultz.