The Loss of Freedom of the Press Is The First Step Toward Tyrrany

There is much that has been said or written about Donald Trump, but the one thing about which there can be no argument is that he cannot help but demean or diminish those with whom he disagrees or those he feels have wronged him.

During the presidential campaign it was “Little Marco,”  “Crooked Hillary” and “Lying Ted.”  Now it’s the “dishonest press” and that “so-called judge” who rescinded his ban on Muslins entering the United States.

This might just seem like a character flaw and one we can overlook if not forgive, but anyone familiar with history will  remember that Josef Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister during Adolph Hitler’s reign, said “a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

Trump’s campaign against the press, and his continued lying on a daily basis, is a danger to to our country and to every one of us. We cannot stop him from lying, but we must not allow him to destroy our free press, which is the first step toward a totalitarian regime and an abrogation of the Constitution’s guarantee of a free press.