The “New” World of Electronic Wizardry

A Young Boy Remembers D-Day And Those  Who Didn't Make it Home

For those of us grew up in a world without computers, cell phones and all of the other electronic wizardry available today, navigating the electronic world is a ever-ending, day-to-day challenge. If you’re lucky, you’ll have people to set the right course for you and help you out every time you go off course.

For that I have to thank my son, who not only built my amazing website, he wrote the “book” for me to follow and has shown me a thousand things that I never would have thought of without his help. More important, he made it possible for me to continue as a journalist and editor after more than 50 years in that business. How do you thank someone for that?

For all of the lucky people who continue to make life interesting and productive, no matter what stage of life it might be, we wish you good health, good friends and happiness in the New Year.

Beau Weisman, Editor