The Only Place Trump Gets High Marks Is at His Staged Rallies

The Only Place Trump Gets High Marks Is at His Staged Rallies

The following excerpts come from an article by Mark Sumner in the Daily Kos:

Donald Trump is running for re-election. That may seem odd for someone two months into a first term, but by gaming the election system Trump gets several advantages when it comes to rallies.

Not only does it let him lock out anyone but avowed supporters, it also means the campaign can use campaign dollars to advertise the events and sell campaign merchandise — think "Make America Great Again" hats — to all the eager supporters who attend. What could be classier than a sitting president using his position to sell hats? It also allows Trump to connect directly with his voters, who are much, much more important than other Americans.

And even though the election was four months ago, you get lots of chants of "Lock her up!" that reverberate through the auditorium at the mention of Hillary Clinton. In Ypsilanti, Michigan, where Trump addressed auto workers at the American Center for Mobility on March 15, he walked from the podium and surveyed the crowd as they continued to chant — something that became a hallmark of his campaign. Why hasn’t Trump followed through on “lock her up?” He’s waiting for a day when he needs maximum distraction.

While not leading chants on Wednesday, Trump did an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson. When it was pointed out that Trumpcare would cause the most pain for the very people who both rally and vote for Trump, he had an answer that would please those who credit him for honesty.   “I know that, I know,” the president said, as the host cited Bloomberg’s finding that Trump-supporting counties would be hammered.

The Carlson interview also included Trump’s promise to produce evidence supporting his claim that Obama put a “tapp” on his phone. So long as that evidence doesn’t have to include the words Obama, or phone, or produce, or whatever tapp means.

The President said on that he would submit some "very good stuff" to validate his claims and that he would consider speaking more fully about the allegations as soon as next week. Trump did not specify if he intended to present the evidence to Congress, the public, or some other entity.

And when Carlson made a token effort at challenging Trump on this point, Donald Trump issued what may be the most Donald Trump statement ever created, a 200-proof pure distillation of Trumpism.   "Let's see whether or not I prove it," Trump said. "I just don't choose to do it right now."

You know how some B movies are so bad they’re good? That Trump statement? It’s not like that.