The Second Annual Women’s March

The Second Annual Women’s March, attended by thousands of women, men and children in major cities and towns all over America, made it clear that people were no longer going to sit quiet while their country was “in danger.”

The following was written by Jean Conti, who, along with her daughters Lia and Rebecca (left to right in photo) was among the more than 600 people who marched in Ocean City, N.J.

My two daughters and I were unable to attend the historic Women’s March last year following the inauguration of Donald Trump, so we were eager to create posters and head for the march in Ocean City on Saturday, January 20, scheduled from eleven to one o’clock.

By the time we arrived a significant crowd had already gathered at the fenced park at 9th & Asbury. As we entered, finding a spot in the rear, some in the crowd surprised us by photographing our posters and signaled thumbs up. Although women dominated, a significant number of men had also turned out.

Two themes carried the day on hundreds of home-made signs, encouraging women to run for office and bashing our reality show president whose ill-considered policies are designed to please his far-right base.

As we stood there waiting for the speakers, the crowd kept growing and settled on the sidewalk outside the park. Five inspiring speakers addressed the marchers on issues important to women.

Following the speeches, the crowd, that was estimated at over 600, marched up and down Asbury Avenue, Ocean City’s main business district, chanting, “This is what democracy looks like.” Enthusiasm and excellent weather extended the time for the protest, which then finished back at the park for a moment of silence, joining a ritual that was nationwide.

It seems clear this will continue as an annual event where protesters can display their discontent with the state of our current government’s policies and with hopes to push for real change. I’m sure my daughters and I will be joining them.