Tip of the Hat to Middle Township Police and Other Cape May Co. Authorities

Tip of the Hat to Middle Township Police and Other Cape May Co. Authorities

On the evening of October 14 we had a telephone call from the Middle Township Police informing us of a missing person and describing that person so that we could respond if we had any information about his whereabouts. We were surprised by the call, but on reflection we said, "What a great way to handle a potentially dangerous situation by reaching out to the community for help."

We grew up in the Philadelphia area and that kind of direct action from the local police was unthinkable. But obviously you can do that in a small town and look to local residents for cooperation. It was a good feeling and we would like to commend the Middle Township Police Department for its prompt action.

This story has a happy ending. The missing man was found in his boat in the back bay waters of Stone Harbor where his boat had experienced mechanical problems. The rescue involved the combined efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard, Middle Township Police and EMS, the New Jersey State Police and the Fire Departments of Middle Township, Cape May Court House, Stone Harbor, Avalon, North Wildwood and Sea Isle — with the assistance of the Cape May County Emergency Management Field Command Center.

As a resident of Cape May County, it's reassuring to know that that kind of effort can be brought to bear in the rescue of one individual. And to all those involved in that rescue, a sincere "Well Done!" 

Beau Weisman, Editor