Trump Plays on Voters’ Emotions

Trump Plays on Voters' Emotions

A  tip of the hat to Jim Tweed of Ocean City, New Jersey, whose letter to the editor of the Middle Township Gazette seems to have captured what so many others are thinking.  Here's the letter, which appeared July 16, 2015 under the headline, "Trump Plays on Voters' Emotions."

Donald Trump has a gift. He can sell himself by convincing his listeners that their deepest fears are the truth and those they dislike are to blame.

Since I don't speak German, it's always been a puzzle to me how  Adolph Hitler was able to persuade a nation to follow him. Watching Donald made me realize how easy it was. If you'll just go along for his ride, he will make a simple question seem like an unfair attack on him. Witness how he handles anyone who asks how he will make the Mexican government pay for that "really big wall" he will build on our Mexican border. His genius is exposing frustrations we all feel and making us willing to trust he has the solution. We don't care about the details because deep down inside we just want to believe.

Those who dismiss Mr. Trump as a cartoonish character are fooling themselves. The other Republican candidates certainly do not. Some carefully praise him. Others follow him. Because no one directly challenges his assumptions, he becomes their de facto leader. When corporations withdraw support, it only adds legitimacy to his  demagoguery because we've all become suspicious of big corporations even though we can't live without them. We love honest self-expression, even it it's complete bull.

Let's face it. Truth and reason do not determine how we vote. Emotion does. And we will live with the consequences while blaming anyone but ourselves.

So welcome to Donald's world where global warming is the fault of the Chinese, vaccines against diseases we've forgotten are no longer required and those Latinos who are not rapists and felons are just draining our resources and hoping to vote for Donald so they can get jobs. Ignore who's working in the kitchens where we eat, or changing the beds in the hotels where we stay or picking the fruit we put on our table.

Just follow Trump logic: Donald says it, therefore it's true.

Beau Weisman, Editor