Van Drew/Andrzejczak Press Release on Property Tax Deductions

Van Drew/Andrzejczak Press Release on Property Tax Deductions

Finally, two state legislators have gone on record to inform New Jersey senior citizens and veterans that they may be eligible for a $250 annual property tax deduction if they qualify — and for a $500 deduction if they qualify in both categories. Both have been part of state law since 1963!

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew and Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak disseminated a press release September 18 that highlights a number of tax credit programs that are available not only to veterans and senior citizens, but to individuals with disabilities in New Jersey. It took some prodding to get the legislators to act, but to their credit they took the ball and ran with it — something that state and local officials and newspaper editors have not touched in a meaningful way in years.

The press release said, in part, "New Jersey offers a range (of) programs for residents that are intended to help offset some of the property tax costs paid throughout the year. The programs designed for seniors, veterans and those with disabilities are critical since they are intended to provide property tax relief to those who may be in particular need of financial assistance.

"We encourage those who may be eligible to learn more about the programs by visiting the state Treasury website or calling our offices directly for assistance."  To reach the legislators' offices or get a copy of their press release, call (609) 465-0700 or go online to

The press release goes on to spell out the specifics of the laws regarding property tax deductions — and then notes that Van Drew and Andrzejczak have sponsored two bills to amend the state constitution to broaden access to property tax deductions for veterans. The first would extend the deduction to those currently serving in the armed forces and the second bill would provide the deduction to veterans who did not serve during war, specific war zones or during periods of emergency, which the current law requires.

For veterans and senior citizens who are currently eligible, you have until October 1 to apply for a property tax deduction for 2015! 

For more specifics on who is eligible for property tax deductions and how to apply, read October 1 Is the Deadline to Qualify for Property Tax Deductions in 2015 at A link at the end of that article will provide additional information on property tax deductions and the extent to which these deductions have been played down or outright ignored by municipalities throughout New Jersey over the years.

Beau Weisman, Editor