Veterans Call For Better Healthcare Access at Wildwood’s Vietnam Memorial Wall

Veterans Protest For Better Healthcare Access at Wildwood's Vietnam Memorial Wall

A vocal group of veterans and family members called for changes in the VA's healthcare system at a protest rally at the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Wildwood, NJ, on Friday, August 19.

The protest was the culmination of a number of complaints from veterans who have had to travel too far from their homes in southern New Jersey for treatment at VA hospitals or clinics in Delaware or Philadelphia. Among the speakers were Vietnam veterans Harry Weimer and Joe Griffies, who is host of The Welcome Home Show on WIBG Radio, and Bob Andrzejzcak, a member of the New Jersey Assembly who lost a leg in Iraq.

According to Andrzejzcak, the government has not "held up its end of the contract" to provide health care to veterans and he cited bureaucracy at the VA as "a problem."

Not everyone in the crowd had the opportunity to address the protestors, but the signs they carried said it all — one cited "Agent Orange," while others said "Stop giving us lip service — fix the healthcare system" and "PTSD Silent Killer."