Veterans Day at The Mad Batter?

Normally at this time of year we see friends and neighbors returning to Cape May, N.J. to get their homes ready for the summer season —- but this year is different as a result of the Coronavirus.

Many of them would would join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner at our restaurant, The Mad Batter, but that too has changed since the restaurant has been closed except for take-out due to the virus —- and that’s true also for our hotel, The Carroll Villa, next to The Mad Batter, which we’ve closed temporarily as a result of the virus.

We’ve been told that the virus would “disappear” during the
warm days of summer, but that it could come back in the fall and winter. And all I could think about was “How about Veterans Day?”

Veterans Day at The Mad Batter has been a special occasion for many years when we have played host to more than a hundred veterans and their families in honor of my father, Harry, who was a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge during World War Two.

Everyone has been sheltering at home as a result of the virus and we’ve been told to stay close to home except for necessities such as food —- and many stores are delivering food to homes to keep shoppers to a minimum.

I don’t know what we will do in November when Veterans Day rolls around. Tradition is hard to break and I know that many veterans look forward to dinner at The Mad Batter, where they will see friends they have not seen since the previous year.

First, and foremost, let’s hope that the virus will not be with us in the fall (or ever again) and that things will get back to normal. In the meantime, Veterans Day is a long way off and we hope to see our friends and neighbors at The Mad Batter for that celebration on November 11, 2020.

We’ll see you then if not before. Meanwhile, stay safe.

Mark Kulkowitz